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Workshop: GNUnet & re:claimID - let's fix the Net!

Use GNUnet (and install, if you haven't yet)

This workshop will quickly introduce GNUnet and then will head into hands-on directly: If you have an installation, then lets try out whatever possible - if you don't have an installation then let's get it installed on your system. We'll focus then on installing re:claimID, too.

(Diese Veranstaltung ist auch auf deutsch möglich, also bitte auch kommen, wenn Du kein Englisch kannst/magst :D)

If you are impatient you can already install by yourself, see links below.

If you don't know at all what GNUnet is about, then check the Video-Section in the page (linked below, too) and/or the talk from last years Datenspuren.


Tag: 21.09.2019
Anfangszeit: 12:15
Dauer: 02:45
Raum: Seminarraum
Track: Datenspuren
Sprache: en


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