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Workshop: Embedded network development

Applying IoT protocols and transports, while experimenting on real embedded hardware


In this half day IoT workshop, we explore network protocols and data transports relevant to the Internet of Things.

Beginning with a summary of problems with legacy protocols like HTTP, we delve into MQTT as well as open source broker implementations like Mosquitto.

Following with AMQP and RabbitMQ, we study telco and financial service use cases. An introduction to Azure and the IoT Hub completes this chapter.

If time permits, we'll finish by reviewing and programming with CoAP, OCF IoTivity, and/or ZeroMQ.

Both Internet (IPv4|6) and Noninternet (Bluetooth Smart) technology play a role in our fun hands on experiments, and we'll have a number of devices on loan for the duration of the workshop including a selection from:

  • Raspberry Pi 2

  • Beaglebone Black

  • Tessel2 (with modules)

  • FRDM-KL25Z devkit

  • FRDM-K64F devkit

  • nRF51 BTLE kit

  • Live USB drive

  • LabNation SmartScope

  • CC2650 SensorTag

  • Estimote beacons

  • Blesh beacons

This is a beginner level IoT networking class. Rather than writing code, we copy and paste from finished projects in C, C++, and JavaScript. Please bring a laptop and smartphone.


Tag: 22.10.2016
Anfang: 14:15 Uhr
Dauer: 02:00
Raum: Technisches Theater

Sprache: de


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